You are currently viewing Recliner chairs – the most comfortable piece of furniture!

Recliner chairs – the most comfortable piece of furniture!

Recliner chairs – the most comfortable piece of furniture!

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Ready to spoil yourself or someone you love? Nothing beats a recliner when it comes to comfort, style and relaxation, and at beds n lounge direct there’s a perfect recliner for every body!

Nothing provides more comfort, particularly after a long day, than a reclining chair providing the ultimate relaxation experience at the push of a button or the pull of a lever but which chair is most suited for you and you lifestyle?

Choosing the right recliner: Space, size, style and comfort level

It’s really important when you’re looking at purchasing your recliner that you consider the following questions:

  • What size space do I have in my home to accomodate a recliner when it’s both upright AND fully extended?
  • What style and colour suits the design and decor of my home?
  • What level of comfort am I looking for?
  • WHO is likely to be sitting in this chair the most? What is their frame or body shape and what will their requirements likely be? A wider seat? Broader shoulder space? Or is a snuggly fit required?

The most comfortable recliners should also provide good lumbar and neck support and thankfully the Beds N Lounge Direct website has a great selection of chairs and helpful descriptions, providing all the information you need to enable you to make the best buying decision.

The London Manual Recliner Chair is perfect for every home!

London Boston ManualReclinerGrey 1024x1024@2x 1

Smaller and compact with all the features of more expensive designs, for someone with little space. 

Great for apartments or retirement or holiday homes at an EXCEPTIONAL price, without compromising on quality and comfort.

This chair is also great for the ‘Man Cave’ so if you’re looking for a gift for Father’s Day, birthdays or Christmas, this is a great option!

The Devon Velvet super recliner: wide arms and soft touch!

TroyResized1 1024x1024@2x

For TV fans who love to relax out, the Devon Velvet Super Recliner is a must have.

With a high elasticity sitting base and soft velvety fabric this chair is beautifully overfilled providing a supportive back with a durable steel backrest and frame and padded armrests for ultimate comfort.

The great thing about this chair is the stylish neutral colour which suits any decor and it’s ‘easy to clean’ finish, making it a great choice for any home!

The Jersey Lifter Chair: comfortable and functional!

NaplesLifterChair1 1024x1024@2x

The Jersey Lifter Chair makes sitting to standing EASY.

This lifter chair is operated from a remote control which allows the user to go from seated to full recline and up to a standing position so perfect for anyone who has mobility challenges.

The upholstery is a hard wearing water resistant fabric which cleans easily and looks super stylish as well!!

Every chair comes with

  • Exceptional lumbar support
  • Strong laminated timber frames
  • American Leggett & Platt steel recliner mechanisms – made for Kiwi’s
  • Top quality designer fabrics
  • Pocket spring, webbing & zig zag suspension for superior support

With easy payment options and a huge range of models, prices and designs, there really is something for everyone!

So head over to the Beds n Lounge Direct website and learn more about their amazing wholesale prices and quality furniture delivered direct to your door – ensuring you never pay retail again!

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