You are currently viewing Guide To Better Shopping LIVE Demonstration with the Irelax iSofa Plus Massage Chair with Monique Bradley

Guide To Better Shopping LIVE Demonstration with the Irelax iSofa Plus Massage Chair with Monique Bradley

Guide To Better Shopping LIVE Demonstration with the Irelax iSofa Plus Massage Chair with Monique Bradley

Do massage chairs really work? In this episode of Guide To Better Shopping, Monique Bradley and guest Andrew Inglis – who is also a professional massage therapist – discuss the key benefits of the iSofa Plus from Irelax.

If you’re looking for a stunning piece of furniture to complete your home, that offers both comfort and support, as well as being able to deliver a luxurious massage to ease you into relaxation, the iSofa Plus from Irelax is a great choice.

The iSofa Plus has been ingeniously designed to convert from a comfortable single sofa or recliner into a small, ergonomically-advanced massage chair.

You can enjoy lounging on the iSofa Plus during your down-time and listening to music, read or watching a movie, like you would on any comfortable recliner, then by simply activating the massage function you can take your relaxation up a notch, allowing the iSofa Plus to extend and manipulate your entire body while you lose yourself in therapeutic bliss.

SL-track technology manipulates the entire body

The SL-track allows for the most comprehensive massage, following the “S” shape of your spine, as well as extending 1.26cm from the shoulders to the thighs. This gives both relaxing spinal manipulation and relief for tense muscles.

Three functions in one chair – style, comfort and therapy

The iSofa Plus can be converted to an advanced massage chair simply by extending the leg rest. Like magic, this allows the delivery of a full body massage through airbag pressure, relaxing your muscles and helping to improve tone and shape.

When you have finished enjoying your massage, simply apply pressure to the leg rest, converting iSofa Plus back to a highly comfortable and conventional chair. The calf rest is designed to be hidden when not in use, allowing you to save valuable space in your home.

Enjoy variety – have fun choosing between five techniques depending on your mood
o Shiatsu: Intense pressure to ease muscle stiffness and stimulate the skin to combat body fatigue

o Drum tapping: A motion that targets a substantial area, this manipulation fights fatigue while relaxing both the muscles and bones.

o Active kneading: An intense kneading motion, this is designed to be similar to the human touch and is aimed at providing comfort while releasing muscle tension.

o Synchronised kneading and Tapping: Kneading and Tapping are combined to stimulate muscles and the yin and yang meridians (aiding qi, or energy, flow). This relaxes and alleviates fatigue after exercise.

o Knocking: As the blood is drawn to the surface the circulation is improved.

Plus you can customise the chair to suit your own level of comfort! Choose from three widths, three speeds and two levels of pressure for a bespoke massage that’s truly your own.

The chair controller is stylishly embedded on the armrest, making the iSofa easy to operate for immediate relaxation and you’ll never lose the controls again! Plus there’s a brilliant bonus feature with this chair: Bluetooth connects to 3D audio speakers, allowing you to relax to your favourite music, podcast or audiobook while experiencing the bliss of massage! It’s all built in to give you a multisensory relaxation experience.

Finally, this chair has customisable programs as well as offering 3 point simultaneous massage:

Whole body massage: Designed to feel similar to a massage delivered via the hands of a professional, your entire body from neck to calf will be cared for.

Upper body massage: Using heat to intensify the massage, your neck and shoulders will be manipulated with a focus on the fengchi reflexology point at the base of the skull and the jianjing point between the shoulders.

Lower body massage: Designed to ease calf muscle pain and stiffness, this mode concentrates on offering relief to common aches and fatigue caused by over-use.

This chair really does have it all: comfort, style and therapeutic massage at a brilliant price point!

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